Fam trip invitation

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Fam trip invitation

Smart Meetings Experiences is going Virtual! Click here for more info. Ah, FAM trips. The glitz the glam—the gift baskets! Fatal error No. Familiarization trips are no doubt a perk for those in the meetings industry, but they are not your next vacation. We asked her what it takes to be a standout—nigh, FAMtastic—trip participant. Here are her tips:. FAMs are business trips. Only accept FAM trips to destinations and hotels that could actually serve your attendees.

Hit the tarmac dressed for success. You never know who you will sit next to you on the plane. FAM with a plan! Go in with a list of events in the planning stage so you are open to any possibility for designing brilliant experiences that may cross your path.

Be open.

fam trip invitation

That thing you have never considered before may be the perfect thing to mix up an annual meeting that has become predictable. Your hosts need to know more about your business than they do about your latest diet cleanse. No breaks! Come away with three action items every day. Three people you can connect with when it comes time to make meeting magic happen. While you might feel VIP, be humble. This needs to be a win-win experience for the hosts.How do I get invited on fam trips?!

But how is this possible? Why would a company want to pay us to travel? How does one get started landing paid fam trips? This sounds too good to be true…. In this article I want to shed some light on the world of fam trips and press trips. Wikipedia has a relatively outdated and vague definition of what constitutes a fam trip, they say:. These trips are typically reserved for those who own their own domain, own the content they produce, host their site themselves and have grown an audience online.

After you start reaching a larger audience, brands, tourism boards, tour companies, hotels and airlines will start to contact you. Create an epic video for them, offer them a number of photos that they can use or show them how you can rank in Google for particular keywords. Not all influencer campaigns require a huge number of followers.

For us, typically we get an email once every month or so from a different brand asking us to partake in a trip. A media kit is a document that includes all of your social following numbers, your blog traffic and demographics, some testimonials from previous partners, your target audience and your intention. I recommend using the free online tool called Canva in order to create a sleek, professional looking media kit in PDF format.

When pitching companies, boards and brands via email or on social media, you can simply send them the PDF as an attachment, but when attending networking events, I recommend printing them out.

Again, you can design a nice looking business card on Canva, and then load that design into VistaPrint or Moo to have the cards printed and sent to your mailing address.

In this case, you may want to reach out to different brands, boards, hotels, airlines and companies to introduce them to your blog or social media and request a partnership. Those emails may look something like this:.

My followers are typically [insert demographics here] and frequently book their trips based on my recommendations. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss a potential partnership together. Some things you may want to include in the agreement include:. I should start this by saying that many fam trips do not pay bloggers and influencers. In many cases, the companies who sponsor these trips believe that offering a free trip is enough to request deliverables in return.

Some trips are just too amazing to pass up. We know bloggers who have received trips that paid well into the five figures, which is amazing. You can recommend tour companies, hotels and services during your trip, use a tracking link and get paid when one of your readers or followers clicks the link and purchases.

Whether you get paid or not, press trips are an amazing aspect of being a travel blogger.

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You should have ample time to take photos and notes so that you can accurately share your experiences later. Expect to be busy, both during the trip and afterwards. We already covered a little bit about how to pitch for fam trips earlier on in this article, but often the hardest part is figuring out where to find press trips, how to get invited and who to pitch to.

There are plenty of travel industry conferences and events happening around the world every month of the year.The venue is smaller than expected, the hotel lacks the amenities it promised, and the city is difficult to navigate.

You should have accepted the Fam trip invitation for this location that crossed your desk months before. Many cities, hotels, resorts and other meeting venues offer familiarization trips, often referred to as Fam trips, to meeting planners on a fairly regular basis. Fam trips are a way for professional meeting planners to familiarize themselves with a destination and determine if it is a good fit for a future meeting or event. As a Fam attendee, the planner is a guest.

fam trip invitation

Show up on time, be engaged, courteous and respectful to the hosts. This is a working, onsite opportunity to learn about the city and the hotels and venues. And potentially book business. But this would never have been a consideration for my meeting. Instead, my time would have been better spent elsewhere.

What deciding factors should planners evaluate when determining whether to attend a Fam trip? Request information about who their destination management partner is and how they can assist with onsite and offsite needs and requests. Planners should be prepared to share the history of the meeting, what the deciding factors are and when a decision will be made.

They should determine if they have the time to attend, the knowledge of the potential of putting business there and if realistically their budget would accommodate such a location. According to Klasky, invitations for familiarization trips are sent to ASME meeting planners as a result of the volume of meetings ASME conducts and their buying power.

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Preparing for Fams means planners should have some questions and be ready to share those questions about the events they are willing to place — from numbers of attendees to budget constraints to entertainment needs. The planner also needs to take photos and make notes about the options at the location. It also may be helpful to create a customized briefing guide to share with salespeople at hotels and various venues.

The briefing guide should capture any open or anticipated RFPs and other high-level information. Most companies have a policy that only one individual from the organization may attend a Fam, and that individual is often required to provide a Fam report, which can include these questions and observations:.

All the paperwork should be completed during the Fam registration process; the more information provided, the better the suppliers can prepare. Only go on Fams you can keep up with. Make the Fam your own, and be ready to move at your pace.FAM trips are designed by PR people or tourism bureaus, with the idea of offering a rich and varied experience to travel writers and other media folks, in hopes of promoting a destination or attraction. Simons Island, Georgia. I had only a few articles under my belt at the time but decided to take a chance.

I applied and landed that golden ticket, traveling with 11 other journalists to The King and Prince Resort, just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean. When I returned home, I wrote several articles about the experience and worked on getting them published.

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Pretty soon, I was being invited on FAM and media trips… without even having to apply. All three are organizations intent on helping travel writers learn of opportunities in upcoming FAM trips.

If you apply for and land a coveted spot by promising you can get three articles published, you better be ready to go home and make it happen.

fam trip invitation

PR representatives talk to everyone. Other invitations will arrive in your mail box. Try and line up publications ready to take your stories before you go. By all means, enjoy every second of the exotic location, the warm weather, the magnificent vistas, and ridiculous food… but remember to take good notes and tons of pictures, too. Be professional. Be that person the tourism bureaus want to work with again. FAM trips are set on a tight schedule.

There is nothing worse than showing up late, when everyone else is on the bus, ready to go. Find something to enjoy. Look for the story within the story. After all, you may find some little-known thing that makes you excited to write about it later.

Travel writers eat strange things. They go to strange places. They meet strange and interesting people. A sense of adventure will take you far! You were invited on this trip because you promised them a story. Make sure it rocks! Knock their socks off with great coverage and stellar images.

fam trip invitation

Today, I have nearly articles published. The free trips are icing on the cake. Share on Facebook. Absolutely FREE Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Here are a few other things you can do to score FAM trip invitations… Do what you say you are going to do.You can find more of her work here. We know every travel destination wants publicity, and every tour operator and supplier wants their services recommended. The trouble is, those rules keep changing, and travel hosts are often not aware of it. You can avoid misunderstandings by building and maintaining a relationship with local media.

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Attend conferences, trade shows, and events to meet people. Most importantly, follow up on any requests for information. In addition to offsetting costs, partnerships broaden the scope of the trip, making it more likely that the media will pick up and report on some part of it.

Review the past work of potential guests and let them know what you expect. Is it a word blog post about each day? Three Instagram stories?

A video? Communicate politely prior to confirming their attendance to determine if there are deliverables that the media want to be paid for. This is a frequent source of frustration on both sides.

If your trip covers a special local festival: give your media great tips on how to attend the following year, a behind the scenes look, interviews with performers, or insider information to share with readers.

Make it as deluxe or exclusive as you can. In general, your guests will have more to write about if they stay at the most historic hotel in town, or at the most luxurious one. Do not expect media to write about a spa, however, unless you provide a complimentary spa treatment. If your company provides wilderness services, skip the fancy hotels. The media partners who join your FAM are interested in the wilderness, or have an audience who is. Everyone understands some itinerary stops are required.

This will make your guests stakeholders in the trip, and guarantee more engagement from participants who come to each stop. Ask your restaurant partner to provide samples of various cocktails and dishes, and make food presentations Insta-worthy. Maybe some will include local cuisine as a reason to visit the destination, especially if you provide a remarkable meal followed by conversation with the chef. Allow a few hours down time back at the hotel each day, so that they can check in with their offices, follow up on other assignments, talk to the babysitter, and organize your information.

If your FAM requires a lot of driving, equip the vehicle with WiFi and encourage social influencers to post in real time as you travel.

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It is the best way to ensure that you get the most coverage for each place and partner visited. Your trip itinerary must also list the website, contact information and social media handles for each of the places you visit so they can be tagged in posts. An easy hashtag lets you track the number of social media impressions earned by your FAM. So, in addition to a current media kit, provide Fact Sheets with statistics and fun facts, plus a few images with captions and credits that media can use.

And do I need to add, you stay in touch too? Building and maintaining relationships with media can be very beneficial to your business as long as you keep it professional and productive for everyone involved. Get a copy from our guide to choosing the right booking solution for tour and activity companies.

If you're a tour or activity company or a tourism board, we have the perfect plan for your business. We understand the tour and activity industry and you can rely on our team to onboard your businessintroduce you to digital best practice, and guide you to success.

Open Mobile Menu. How to run a FAM trip and get the media coverage you deserve.The fam trips are organized in cooperation with the convention and visitor bureau from the region. Hosted buyers are accepted by the host destination on the basis that they meet the criteria determined by the host destination. Flights are co-ordinated by the Organiser and the host destination. Accommodation is the sole responsibility of the host destination for the duration of the trip. After a maximum number of hosted buyers per fam trip is reached the participation at such fam trip will not be possible.

Hosted buyer can choose only one fam trip from the options bellow:. The positive feedbacks from the participants over the past four years are our motivation to be even more creative in Hosted Buyers are therefore invited to embark on a hours journey sleep excluded in order to get a real feel of the capital of Slovenia — which also prides itself being the European Green Capital in The concept is to showcase the destination in a different, experiential and fun way, combined to professional knowledge.

Our guests will have the opportunity to see a selection of meeting- and special event venues alongside the main city attractions. Small tasks and encounters with interesting personages from various backgrounds will spice up the Ljubljana experience. Let the throb of the old town core with its thriving cultural history and the rich wine tradition of the oldest vine in the world convince you that Maribor has an attractive heart and soul, where history and tradition mix with dynamism and contemporaneousness.

Located in leading white wine regions, the hotels boast exceptional architecture, design and a distinctive lifestyle. The further 4 board rooms are for up to 12 people, each. Our vinotheque — all in gold — offers space for private events for up to 80 people in an exclusive atmosphere. Around the hotel we have got lots of outdoor space for car and product presentations, teambuilding activities, open air parties and Barbeques, as well as outdoor meetings. Their tailor-made culinary portfolio also offers additional inspiration and energy — focused on regional and healthy food.

As a destination for small to medium-sized events, Bled offers breathtaking views over a glacial Alpine lake. Bled can host events for up to delegates, with first-rate meetings and accommodation facilities all within walking distance. Special venues and gourmet cuisine all make Bled a very special experience.

The programme of the Fam Trip will blend the practical business aspect of site inspections to the venues as well as traditional and local customs and gastronomy of the region.

Enjoy your business meetings with a breathtaking view of the sea. And after business is done, you can restore your energy by taking advantage of one of the most comprehensive wellness offers in Europe, enjoying your favorite sports activities or simply savoring the beauty of the many natural and cultural gems of this charming region. We are warmly welcoming you to join us on our Fam trip to Kranjska Gora and discover 8 great reasons for coming to Kranjska Gora where business and nature go hand by hand.

By taking part in the Zagreb Fam Trip you will get a unique opportunity to explore and get to know Zagreb, its conference and events venues and facilities both historical and new, get fresh ideas for incentive programmes, see major landmarks, enjoy tasty local dishes, learn about Zagreb proverbial hospitality. We take pride in being your hosts and are looking forward to welcoming you to Zagreb! It is here where the Sava River meets the Danube Dunav and old-world culture gives way to new vibrant city with tons of interesting sights and attractions, splendid architecture, great people, fast-paced nightlife, affordable shopping, as well as a thriving cultural and gastro scene.

Belgrade is definitely a starting point of every successful business gathering, therefore with our dedicated program you will discover the matchless charm of the city that never sleeps and enjoy Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade, multiple award-winning business and design hotel with unique historical background, diverse possibilities for events organization and exquisite local cuisine.While event planners are usually well-versed in all aspects of event planning, they sometimes need help when it comes to writing formal letters, emails or other materials for an upcoming event.

One of the most important items event planners will attempt is a welcome letter for guests of an incentive trip. The welcome letter does just what it says: It welcomes guests to the event. It doesn't have to be perceived as complicated in any way. In fact, if written correctly, the welcome letter should be simple and to the point. Ideally, a welcome letter is written on an organization's official letterhead. An incentive trip is a planned event or trip that is used to persuade people to achieve specific business goals.

Often, the incentive trip is a reward to a salesperson or other type of professional for reaching a specific milestone. Usually, the goals set are related to sales and business development, but executives and managers have utilized these types of incentives for any number of profitable business goals.

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A welcome letter for an incentive trip is not that different from other formal welcome letters, but after reading it, a guest should know what to expect, and who to contact for questions or with any problems that arise.

A good welcome letter will include the date it's written and an appropriate salutation how formal it is will depend on the relationship of the business or letter writer to the recipient. The first paragraph of the letter should convey the welcome, the second paragraph should include information about the agenda and any important details about location or requirements the guest needs to know for instance, will they need to have their passport?

Again, whether it's formal or casual is determined by the circumstances. This paragraph is followed by a signature line from the event host, including a title.

Usually, if you choose to personalize the letter, it's helpful to insert the event's program into the letter. This is optional. If you do, make sure these details are inserted and listed after the second paragraph and referenced as such. Holding an effective incentive event can be a solid tactic for boosting employee morale and performance, not just rewarding past good work. So asking for feedback is important to ensure future trips are successful.

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14 FAM Trip Tips to Follow If You Want to Be Invited Back

Follow Twitter. He is a communications professional and an experienced meeting and event planner. Read The Balance's editorial policies. We have a full agenda during the next [NUMBER] days, so please take a few minutes to read through the information in this packet. It includes our itinerary and other important information.

If we can do anything to make your stay more pleasant, please let us know. Continue Reading.


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